Solving real problems in real time

We've built a modern platform for an industry suffering from antiquated methods, transforming operational inefficiencies into streamlined solutions.

Our Story

The complexity of managing regulatory relationships and associated activities continues to rapidly evolve and present many challenges for regulated organizations, yet the technology that supports this is still lacking. A fresh approach is needed to solve the many challenges that exist.

Long before it was a hot topic, Kayla decided it was time to reinvent how organizations managed their relationships with regulators and regulatory processes. She gathered the best of the best to develop a solution to solve for this dynamic challenge. Throughout their journey they have identified synergies in multiple complimentary verticals including blockchain, property + casualty, life and reinsurance.

Our Mission

Empower organizations to effectively and efficiently manage their regulatory relationships.

Core Team

Kayla Sanders

Founder and CEO

Chris Linn

Managing Director - Financial Services

Kyle Croyle

Co-Founder and Head of Platform and Customer Success

Jeremy Brown

Co-Founder & Policy Partnerships


Adam Gettings

CEO LEEO, Robotex

Geoff Belknap

Former CIO Palantir / Current CIO Slack

Charlene Frizzera

Former Acting Administrator of CMS

Dr. Aran Ron, MD

President/COO of Group Health Incorporated and Operating Partner Bessemer Venture

Dave Chase

Healthcare Thought Leader

Zoë Barry

CEO ZappRx

Rosco Hill

Co-founder Blend Labs and Perpetua. Former Palantir Engineer

Matt Burton

CEO Orchard Platform

Reuben Doetsch